Seniors Ride Flex Routes for Free with All New Plus Pass.

January 4, 2017

Tri-County Transit has begun handing out a free transit pass, known as the Plus Pass, to eligible riders on January 1st. The pass allows all residents within the Tri-County Transit service area that are 60 and older unlimited free rides on TCT Flex Route buses: BG serving Berlin and Gorham, Tri-Town serving Lancaster, Whitefield, and Littleton and the Blue Loon serving North Conway, Conway, Tamworth, West Ossipee, and Wolfeboro. The Plus Pass is not eligible for use on the Door to Door buses. The fare for 60 and older on the Door to Door bus will remain the same: a suggested donation.

Applications can be obtained on our buses, at our Administration Building (31 Pleasant Street, Berlin), or an online application can be submitted through our website. Tri-County Transit will process applications and mail out the free passes that can be used immediately. Users must have the pass to receive the free rides.

Please call toll free 1-888-997-2020 for questions.

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