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Tri-County Transit operates a long distance, non-emergency medical transport service called the LDM program. Our goal is to provide the disabled and elderly population with safe, affordable and dependable non-emergency long distance medical transportation.

We understand that there is a steadily increasing population of elderly and disabled people in northern New Hampshire. As a result too many families are paying the unnecessary high costs to transport loved ones by ambulance or even worse, they don't receive the treatment they need. We strive to provide families cost effective and safe transportation for their elderly and disabled loved ones.






Tri-County Transit's LDM service provides transportation to medical facilities outside our immediate service area to elderly persons 60 and older and disabled individuals for non-emergency medical services and treatments. Our service destinations span the Tri-State area: Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine.
Tri-County Transit coordinates with other organizations, such as hospitals and doctor's offices to provide transportation for needs such as cancer treatment, doctors' appointments, and physical therapy.

Our medical transport team is composed entirely of volunteers. They donate their time and use of their personal vehicles to give back to their community. Volunteer drivers are an important component of our operations, helping us increase access to healthcare. All members of our transport team are thoroughly screened and trained to be entrusted with our passenger safety.



Tri-County Transit invoices various funding sources to cover the cost of this service for persons 60 and older. While a fare is not mandated for elderly individuals donations and contributions are always welcomed.  A “Self Pay” option is available for non seniors as our funding sources do not cover the cost for those under 60.

We do accept Medicaid as a payment source. In order to utilize this option, please call your health insurance provider directly to schedule your trip and request Tri-County Transit as your transportation.



NH Healthy Families  866-769-3085

Well Sense  855-739-4775

Ambetter/Celtic  844-265-1278

Anthem  855-748-1804

Harvard Pilgrim  877-907-4742

Community Health Options  855-624-6463

Minuteman Health  855-644-1776




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