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flex route Fares


Flex route Passes


Please note: Exact fare only. Bus Operators do not carry change. Sorry, no refunds.





Berlin Gorham (BG) Day Ride

Tri-Town (TT) Day Ride

Blue Loon (BL) Single Ride








Passes are good for rides on Tri-County Transit flex routes. Sorry, no refunds.


Berlin Gorham (BG) 7 Day Pass

Berlin Gorham (BG) 15 Day Pass

Berlin Gorham (BG) 30 Day Pass

Tri-Town (TT) 7 Day Pass

Tri-Town (TT) 15 Day Pass

Tri-Town (TT) 30 Day Pass

Summer Youth Pass (Ages 12-18)








Where to Get A Ticket or Pass

All tickets and passes, including summer youth, are available at the Berlin transit center and aboard all buses. Pay by cash, or check.


Special Requirements for Summer Youth Pass

Tri-County Transit defines a “youth” rider as: anyone age 12 to 18 years of age or students actively enrolled in a secondary school program. TCT requires youth 18 and under to show an approved ID to purchase the summer youth pass. Acceptable forms of ID include:

  1. A valid student ID from any middle or high school showing current school year and enrollment; or
  2. A valid, state-issued New Hampshire Identification Card or Driver’s License.

For additional information contact 1-888-997-2020 or send inquiries via the contact form.


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