dump the pump and ride free.

May 25, 2017

Dump the Pump on June 15th with TCT.

Tri-County Transit will forgo a day's worth of fares on all Flex Routes to give area residents a free opportunity to experience public transportation.

This June 15, Tri-County Transit once again will ask residents to consider trading trips to the gas pump for a ride on TCT. Tri-County Transit is participating in National Dump the Pump Day, a campaign to highlight the benefits of public transit in the U.S.

Rides are free all day that Thursday for the Tri-Town, BG and Blue Loon routes.

Route information is available on Tri-County Transit's website, www.tricountytransit.org, under the "Schedules" tab. The website also contains a “Riders Guide” for general information about TCT services.

TCT is a great alternative to commuting by car that will help you save money. In 2016, your co-workers, neighbors and friends saved money and rode with Tri-County Transit more than 50,000 times.

Nationwide, public transit is a $57 billion industry employing 400,000 people, according to the association. "Dump the Pump" is designed to show people that public transportation is a good alternative to high gas prices, according to the association. By APTA's estimates, a two-person household can save on average about $10,200 yearly.

For questions about TCT services or this promotion, please call Customer Service at (603)-752-1741, TTY: 711 or email 




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