Tri-County Transit holds cash calendar fundraiser in June.

April 14, 2017

The TCT cash calendar fundraiser  is a contest that runs for an entire month and one cash prize is given away each day. Participants don’t just have one chance to win, they have up to thirty! Even if they win on a single day, their name is put back into the drawing for more chances to win. Calendars are $10 and can be purchased from TCT employees, aboard TCT buses or the Transit office at 31 Pleasant Street in Berlin all throughout the month of May. Calendars may also be purchased through the mail. Just send a check
or money order along with name, address, phone number and number of calendars wished to be purchased. The tickets will be filled out appropriately and the calendar portion will be mailed in return. All winnings will be mailed or held at the transit office for pick-up.

Starting June 1st, Tri-County Transit will be drawing a cash winner every day of the entire month. Purchase a calendar to support the Tri-County Transit program and possibly win $1,200.00 worth of cash prizes. Winners will be listed on the website.




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