Carroll County Part Time Driver

Carroll County driver

Date Posted: August 10 2017 | Close Date: When Filled | Locations: Carroll County | Number of Openings: 1

The Driver is responsible for operating the vehicles for purposes of transporting senior citizens, handicapped individuals and the general public. This is a "Safety Sensitive" position and requires drug
and alcohol pre-employment and random testing.


Detailed duties may include

  1. Transports individuals in need of transportation including elderly/disabled.
  2. Provides personal service to clients:
    1. Assists clients in and out of vehicle
    2. Carries packages for elderly or disabled clients to (not through) the door
    3. Operates wheelchair lift to load and unload wheelchair passengers
  3. Insures that the vehicle is in safe operating condition at all times.
    1. Performs vehicle pre-trip and post trips
    2. Enforce the wearing of seat belts by passengers
    3. Reports any vehicle problems to the Maintenance Manager and/or Operations Manager
    4. Keeps vehicle clean and enforces bus regulations
    5. Reports any accidents or incidents to Operations Manager
  4. Calls dispatcher at each stop before leaving the vehicle.
  5. Paperwork:
    1. Prepares biweekly time sheet and turns them into the supervisor
    2. Responsible for getting any repair slips to the Maintenance Manager
  6. Responsible for properly filling out manifests and turning them into dispatchers in a timely manner.
  7. Responsible for turning in money vaults to dispatcher for verification and filling out deposit sheets
    for fares.
  8. Responsible for Medicaid forms to be signed by passengers and turned into the Billing Clerk.
  9. Properly fills out vehicle cost sheets for contracted services.
  10. Responsible for calling in first thing in the morning to check for changes to their manifest.
  11. May be responsible for taking locked vaults to the bank for deposits and verification of driver slips.
  12. Provides outreach and referral services to insure that clients are informed and referred to all available support services.
  13. Attend drier meetings, training sessions and workshops as required by the Transportation Director and Operations Manager.
  14. Additional duties deemed necessary by the Operations Manager and/or the Transportation Director.


Reports directly to the Operations Manager.


Requires eye-hand coordination, manual, and mental dexterity. Requires the ability to distinguish letters and symbols. Requires the use of office equipment such as; computer terminals, telephones, voice mail system, copier, answering machines and calculator. Requires normal vision range. Requires frequent bending, stepping, stooping, and stretching. May require lifting up to 50-60 pounds.



Majority of working hours are spent driving in climatic weather and road conditions.



Requires wearing a uniform shirt and appropriate footwear. (Other dress code specifications are in the drivers policy manual.)


May vary, long distance and overnight trips may be scheduled. May be scheduled on holidays or weekends. Must also be available to attend mandatory meetings and trainings. Meetings and trainings might be scheduled at night or on weekends.


  1. Must have good driving skills, driving record acceptable by insurance company.
  2. Criminal record must be acceptable to Transportation Director.
  3. Must be fit and able to drive through a variety of conditions.
  4. Must have numerical and organizational abilities.
  5. Needs to be able to deal effectively with people.
  6. Yearly or bi-yearly D.O.T. physical required.
  7. High School Diploma or equivalent preferred.
  8. Needs at least five years of driving experience. Experience in social services and transportation would be helpful.
  9. Valid driver's license required. A CDL license is necessary to drive vehicles transporting more than 15 passengers.


Tri-County Transit is an Equal Opportunity/ADA Employer & a Drug-Free Workplace


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