Tri-County Transit is a division of Tri-County Community Action Program, a multi-program agency with many projects and service locations. We operate our bus services in three counties, Coos, Carroll and northern Grafton covering over 43 towns throughout northern New Hampshire.














Our Vision

To be a recognized leader in public transportation services and a moving force for regional cooperation, growth and prosperity.


Our Mission

Tri-County Transit will assist in the development and betterment of our area communities through the transportation services we provide.


Our Core Values

  1. Serving our community above all else
  2. Aspiring to excellence
  3. Demonstrating integrity and professionalism


Our Goals and Objectives

  1. Maximize ease of use, service efficiency and reliability
  2. Increase the visibility and elevate the image of TCT
  3. Educate gatekeepers to become a viable transportation option for their constituents
  4. Expand TCT's services into areas of sustainability
  5. Coordinate services with other regional transportation providers
  6. Maintain sustainable financial plans and budgets that reflect community priorities and values




Quick Facts

  1. We are a division of a private, non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors
  2. Headquarters in Berlin, New Hampshire
  3. Service area spans more than 3,000 sq miles
  4. We perform over 50,000 trips annually
  5. 19 Volunteer drivers who drive over 147,000 miles annually
  6. Fleet of 20 buses


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May 25, 2017

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